In August 2018, two explosive devices, one of which will not work, are placed near the local of the Lega, in Villorba (in the suburbs of Treviso).
An action “against politicians, cops and their minions”.
Juan, our friend and companion, is accused of this attack and the Court of Treviso is trying him for “indiscriminate massacre”

The charge of indiscriminate and infamous massacre reveals the upside down world we live in. The one that has killed hundreds of people in the streets, in factories, in psychiatric hospitals and in prisons; the one that, for decades, has covered up for the bosses who have made workers die because of exposure to asbestos, or who have made entire populations fall ill because of the pollution of the air, of the fields, of the water ; the one that has prevented millions of people from leaving their homes, while forcing the elderly to die of Covid and loneliness, in RSAs; [Residenza sanitaria assistenziale, nursing homes] the one that plunders and bombs entire countries and then lets people fleeing misery and war sink into the Mediterranean or freeze in a forest; yes, specify him, His Majesty the Italian State, he accuses of indiscriminate massacre an anarchist, an enemy of all power and all oppression

Moreover, when a NATO general [Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, general of the Italian Army; since last March he is also Extraordinary Commissioner for the management of the emergency Covid-19] When a banker [Mario Draghi, current head of the Italian government, former bureaucrat at the Ministry of Economy, director of the Italian Central Bank and of the ECB, when the latter imposed “austerity” policies on Greece], already starving the Greek population, imposes passes in the name of “responsibility towards others”, we are clearly warned.

The violence that statesmen do to words is a reflection of the violence they do to human beings and to nature.

It seems that, for thousands of people, the bell is ringing now.

For Juan, it rang a long time ago, when he turned his heart into a time bomb, ready to explode against any injustice.

Now that the moment of his sentence is approaching, we feel even more the desire to show him our solidarity and closeness.

Because we have known his courage and his tenderness.
Because this is how it is done, between companions of an ideal.
Because the person who attacked the Lega’s office, no matter who it is, has given a contribution of humanity in a world more and more inhuman.
Because life is too short not to fill it with ardent dreams.