“They fought, like the puppies of May play, it was normal;
they had time even for prison.
Waiting for them outside was
The same rage, the same spring…”
(History of an employee, Fabrizio De Andre, 1973)

0- Note

Not long after beginning to write this text which intends to reaffirm our concrete and destructive internationalist anarchic solidarity, a brutal offensive in the territories of the Wallmapu began at the same time. The hitmen working for the companies with interests in the forests (in the province of Río Negro) assassinated a Mapuche commoner – Elías Garay -, and gravely injured another one. At the same time, far-right paramilitary groups from Bahía Blanca city, issued responsibility claims for grave attentats (against native groups); encouraging and foreshadowing more criminal acts. As if that wasn’t enough, the shit pro-fascist mass-media newspaper Clarín was attacked with molotov bombs, and now an “anarchist witch-hunt” has begun, with one arrest (so far) and in search of capturing another eight. Black storms are coming… It seems fitting of the surrealist tradition, that in the face of such a panorama, we insist on focusing on things that happen thousands of kilometers away…. But it just so happens that we’re capricious and inveterate like that, us anarchic ones: our fatherland is our feet; and we walk barefoot, but with the fury of an Ideal beating in revolt, in our black hearts.

I- Prologue

The light is better observed from the dark. To see the frame, it’s necessary to be outside the frame: Danilo is one of the four compas in the Brians I, CATALONIAN prison. The manipulation by the left (which has always been an enemy, and let’s not forget that) has no limits, nor scruples. It just so happens that they control a pseudo-campaign for the liberation our affines, from a supposed “assembly”. And the saddest part is the inaction of those who claim to be anarchists in Barcelona, and they allow it to happen, without moving a finger… And they use us even in Milan, to make propaganda for their disgusting rapper. The support campaign organized by the pro-amnesty Movement – read neo-ETA-oids, Catalonian branch- in a separatist athenaeum belonging to “Arran” (who are part of the same government that’s holding them in prison!) was an absolutely ruinous and detestable farce. No one says anything? And they even took the opportunity to use our captive compa to announce their annual nationalist statist Stalinist and inter-class procession with torches, very “anti- prison”. Nothing to do with calling for a wild nocturnal manifestation. Their task was precisely that: demobilize, pacify… Hate and war against the CUPolice, compas.

II- Liberi tutti?

Not much imagination is required to have a simple vision of what the “separatist Catalonian left” intends to put in place in the territories they consider belong to them (?). There are too many coincidences between what they call Pandania in the north of Italy (Rome is a thief, say the ultra-rightists of the Liga Nord) and the “Espanya ens roba”, in the Barcelonian version. An uncomfortable truth, if there’s such a thing, is that for centuries, its imperialist bourgeoisie amassed immense fortunes by slaving thousands of Africans in the Caribbean and within the borders of the current metropolis, and big avenues and copious monuments are named after these aberrant families. Every now and then (in a hypocritical historical revisionist manner) someone proposes to rename them. This is just to try to clumsily erase the trace of that past. When what was later known worldwide as “May 68” blew up, few remembered that it was revolt with a bourgeois slant; detonated by restrictions to enrollment in the most elitist universities. A corseted and frustrated middle class. Best not speak of working class revolt!

III- Recalculating

Remember that memorable scene from “The Matrix”, where the same cat walks by twice in a row, revealing that everything is programmed, and that for their Orwellian system (21st Century version) we’re not more than rats in a maze without exit? We intuit that now that pantomime repeats ad eternum. When we launched the International Call for Direct Action – Against the Bourgeois Catalunya – , we knew that it would sound weird. How can this be possible! Does such a “libertarian” and “oppressed” people deserve being target of a furious attack, and even more shameful still, by people that seem like ferocious wolves, and even worse still, by people that claim to be anarchists? You better count on it and fuck ‘em if they feel called out…There’s no doubt, that what could have been the kickoff (of the Global Anarchist Revolution) succumbed under a mix of petty personal dram, feverish alliances with enemy forces that left them tied up, hands and feet, at the mercy of socialist reaction. The million dollar question is: have we learned anything from that lavish and bloodthirsty proletarian enterprise? All signs point to the answer being NO.

IV- Counting Bullets

With such illusion (and such naivety…) we traveled all the way over there, from all corners of the world, encouraged by the – hypothetical – hope, of being protagonist in the anti-authoritarian struggles against the “black European beast”. And we were drooling, looking at that little video of the resistance against the eviction of Cine Princesa. Almost a quarter of a century since that mirage, we have the certainty of merely having chased idealist chimeras. Durruti was killed twice: first physically; and then by the falsification of his words. We were told the story of subversive plurality, in such emblematic places such as Kasa de la Muntanya, where there was a submerged leadership, using horizontality as camouflage. They wanted to make us stand in line like little soldiers in service of the ETA. Others didn’t see it coming and they suffered the consequences for being useful idiots: they were warned. Currently, their strategy hasn’t changed much. It’s enough to point to our imprisoned compas, arrested on February 27. We want to speak about that without mincing words. They are rotting in your prisons for more than NINE months now. And we’re going to explain why…

V- Cannon Fodder

Leon Trotsky himself wrote in a letter to compa Volin (author of the indispensable “The Unknown Revolution”) telling him that he also wanted anarchy with one caveat, it could not materialize without first going through a period of Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Next thing you know, he sent his thugs to Ukraine, on a night he had a conference before an enthusiastic libertarian and working class audience. The order was to shoot him down. But those who were ordered to do so, knowing him well, disobeyed and let him escape; reprimanded soon after… This historical note is not beside the point: their tactics are the still same. We won’t tired of saying that there’s no such thing as “cracks” between (socialist?) authoritarianism and anarchism. What exists is an IRREMEDIABLE ABYSS. Is there anything more totalitarian than that slogan that says “everyone against fascism”? The anarchic militias of the CNT were massacred by communism. Then came the Popular Army and we know how that story ended… When the hell are we going to assume (and act accordingly) that NOTHING should make us join with them. Not even fear, compis!

VI- On Purges and Pogroms

The anti-anarchist Girona is a classic bastion in the so-called deep Catalunya… And it’s not mere coincidence, that there was perpetrated a “sociological pilot experiment” aimed at neutralizing the subversive potential of certain spaces that “feian nosa” (were obstacles) or put simply, were a pain in the ass for the CUPolice and their plans to have the monopoly -of social struggles- in the contiguous territories of their zone of political influence. Anarchist squats – such as Can Rusk and Can Kolmo – were seen as competition by the authoritarian communist separatists of the region; it was necessary to “tame them” to stop the contagious virus of anarchy… We’re going to repeat it a thousand and one times if it’s necessary: INFILTRATE AND DIVIDE, OR BOYCOTT AND DESTROY. That’s the basic manual of the damned marxists, since always. And the worst of all is that it still works. The perfect excuse they could find to sow discord among the compas was a blog of an affine that questioned institutional feminism, while they identified as an “anarchofeminist”. Is it necessary to describe what happened next?

VII- Well, yes, it’s super-necessary

Suddenly someone appears, hailing from a supposed Leninist squat (a former bank re-baptized as Ateneo Salvadora Cata). Infiltrating the Can Kolmo assembly. Soon after proposing – and we’ll see this happen again at the heart of the CNT/AIT of Barcelona three years later…- that she feels uncomfortable in the presence of the compa for his anti-sexist stance, and blah blah blah. For more info on such humbug, we recommend the clarifying text “El Mecanismo” which you could find by googling “Noia negra”, an active blog in Spanish and Italian. The order for the persecution that ensued was given from the Cinetika squat in Barcelona; and it was there where they dragged Pablo Vaso to suicide, accused of things they had not proof of… The sad unfolding in Girona was that (with the feminist tale) the pitted anarchists against anarchists. They forced the eviction of Italians, in Can Rusk, for questioning this anti-anarchist politicking frame-up…And they stigmatized other compas that (also being members of the Cinetika asembly – and comrades of the accused-) they went all the way up to Girona, along with a dozen of affines, to prevent the expulsion: but they were already marked!

VIII- The Perfect Storm…

The rapper Pablo Hasel is a confessed Stalinist, a piece of shit person with airs of superiority. He’s the typical Catalan supremacist that did everything just to achieve notoriety. Our accomplices were not present in the manifestations in order to demand his freedom. They went there to attack the system in its totality, which is a different thing. The bold twitter slogan sketched out by the hounds of the CUP (Arran) “until they fall”, was conditioned by an internal clash that exists between the political parties that govern bourgeois Catalunya… The reproach the current administration for not having a firm position in favor of the Catalonian State. Obviously it’s all about more borders, more army, more police, and above all, more capitalism dissimulated the grotesque masquerade of an indemonstrable anti-capitalism. The sloppy frame-up of the attempted arson of the cop car (of that we have no doubt) was the red herring, to throw us off the scent of who organized the riots. All you have to do check the videos uploaded on youtube: a hooded man breaks the storefront of a luxury boutique with a hammer. Another one pours a stream of flammable liquid inside. A third one screams in Catalonian that they make sure the fire is properly ignited. Stop lying to us!

IX- Blame “Foreigners”

One thing is one thing, another is another. What filthy trash: that farce which we referred to, is one part of what falsely incriminated our comrades, without evidence. If it was the case that they had really been the culprits, we’d defend them with even more effort and conviction: it’s beautiful to attack the police in any possible circumstance, and with all the violence we can inflict, even killing them… Because they kill us every day. Because they’re class traitors. Because they defend the rich and they shoot us with impunity if we rebel. This fucking Europe, that provokes genocidal famines. This fucking Europe that watches with indifference when so many African migrants drown in the sea every day, and then looks the other way. This fucking indolent, consumerist and corrupt Europe: this rotten civilization deserves all our thirst for Vengeance compas! We’ve witnessed both sides of the same coin. We’ve seen up close how they even exploited us within their squats, while the went out on a cocaine fueled partying spree; and we stayed behind washing the dishes, picking up all the shit they spilled all over in the “people’s dinner” (cenadores populares): DISGUSTING!

X- Die, Capitalist Karcelona

It’s nothing new to affirm that the manipulative documentary called “Ingobernables” [“Ungovernable”], and other similar ones, follow the script of the most recent “Poble Rebel” to a tee. It’s all about (and that is evident) capitalizing on a genuinely libertarian legacy and decorate it with the bait to go vote for political parties that make speeches, that present themselves as the continuation and the worthy heirs of such a Legacy…It’s the great scam of the CUP. If we’re not mistaken, the hashtag “Yo soy anarquista” [“I’m an anarchist”], begins around 2012 more or less. A few years later, prompted by the frame-up carried out by Operation Pandora, another hashtag popped up (but this time in Catalan…) “Jo tambe soc anarquista” [“I’m also an anarchist”]. That was the banner that covered the street from side to side in the manifestation in support of the arrested. Once again the circus of a withered left that tries to the sell poisoned apple of a theoretical solidarity which creates the – phantasmagorical- sensation that we’re on the same side of the barricades. Every single time we fell for it, we were vilely back-stabbed. ENOUGH! Savage and unmitigated war against the whole of the political arc in its totality is what made us and makes us ANARCHISTS.

XI- Make Colau and company pay

Pay attention now: the City Council of Barcelona (the accuser in the case) is accusing our friends of homicide attempt, has demanded bails of 50.000 euros so that they can have conditional freedom until the trial-farce. Not even the prosecution had the impudence to sustain the shameless demand of the “mayor” so they toned it down a mere 10.000 euros. The compass of repression doesn’t change its north substantially with that. It’s another power-play between powers-that-be. But those who are deprived of sleep, submitted and tortures by their prisons (every fucking day) behind their bars, are our beloved imprisoned affines; prisoners of an embryonic State, that if it were governed by the CUP -logically!- it would harden its punitivity against all dissidents who dared confront their – Machiavellian- Statist machinery. As aspiring stinky bureaucrats, they just want to live as leeches, not “destroy the State”, but create another one. Something is quite conspicuous from afar: why does the Assembly for the February-27th Support Campaign send their info (save for a few exceptions) ONLY to THE SAME PEOPLE WHO WERE RESPONSIBLE for the frame-up that got them arrested? The answer is obvious:


That being said, and knowing that -up until today at least- only the French chick got out “free”; and we’re being informed that an Italian guy could soon do so as well… Considering that four will remain inside there (Brians I prison), for who knows how long if we don’t manage to amass the funds the prosecution is asking for; and that many shit mass-media made headlines with (and sadly it was reposted in some of our own pages, the fake news that they were all freed, out on the street, which should make us ashamed) is that: we make a NEW INTERNATIONAL CALL TO DIRECTLY ATTACK THE ECONOMIC INTERESTS OF CATALONIA; including the casals catalans that are not simply “cultural associations in the exterior”, but the seed of future embassies in development, which are financed directly by the Catalan government, to be perfectly clear…As opposed to the previous call, this one does not have some implicit expiration date. On the contrary, it’s all about making the lose a bit of what hurts them the most: MONEY. At the very least, make them lose the sum of the 245.000 euros that they intend to rip off of us, those in solidarity with the cause; or better yet, as an act of VENGEANCE!

XIII- There’s No Order Nor Law To Respect

To wrap things up, for now… In the face of certain pathetic attempts to cop-jacket us -and other nonsense like that- we clarify that we are of in some sense or another part of the various Autonomous Nuclei; and/or of the more long-lived Cells (of the FAI/FRI) -active members, in this PRACTICAL attempt to rebuild the Black International- spread across the planet, we promptly coordinate with the objective of extending (and intensifying) the ongoing Social War; and to break down the fictional walls of isolation that they try in vain to place between us. We’re paying attention to the texts by Gustavo Rodríguez. And they give us a pleasant tickle. We subscribe to the declarations of our beloved Alfredo Cospito: if you’re reading this, dear brother, a big hug all the way from our remote hideouts that stand against the totality of the aberrant existent…Mónica and Francisco, you know we’re unconditionally by your side, and we don’t change colors due to certain momentary disagreements or misunderstandings that are not important to mention here. These last words are dedicated to the individuals (and the groups) who got sick of waiting, submissively, for a “massive” response to the cancer of authority: ATTACK!


Mafiosi and Irreducible Sect
Addicted to the Black International

Informal Anarchist Federation
International Revolutionary Front