We are the imprisoned after the manifestation of the 27th of February in Barcelona, who considered necessary, having received so many gestures of solidarity and that much of support ,to release this collective statement.

We are 7 individuals with different personal and political experiences , which, however, sometimes coincide. What we share for sure, is the way we see the world and the relations we aspire to between individuals.

We love freedom,we believe in equality and sharing,we hate power,and we oppose to the exploitation of a person by another.

In a few words ,we identify ourselves with the anarchist ideal.

We are aware of the fact that this staging by the police is due to our ideals.We are and we were aware of the social conflict we participated , and we know that choosing the enemy we chose, the power and the capital, can involve consequences, like those we are experiencing now.The revenge of this enemy neither scares us nor demoralises us, we are still decided -maybe even more than before- to do whatever we can to try to change this horrible reality.

We are totally aware of the fact that our fight remains far from the victory. And until these walls are demolished, more people who love freedom and more enemies of the social order will be locked up in them.

Our ideals , however, cannot be locked up. Your solidarity drills these walls and we do not feel neither alone, tired nor imprisoned. Whilst our fight is going on, we are always going to be free , and we will not be afraid of anything.

We thank you for the warmth and the strength you send us, and we hope we can hug you again soon over the smoking ruins of these walls .

Received on the 17th of June 2021

Albo, Danilo, Emanuele, Ermann, Jeanne, Luca and Maria