Down with the torture regime of 41 bis!

«…I was expecting a suggestion, a start from fellow experts. A often, in return for my enthusiasm, I received a good dose of «realism» that dampened or threatened to curb any «ambition». «realism» that dampened or threatened to curb any revolutionary «ambition», any impulse to action. Any revolutionary «ambition», any impulse to action. (…) I have come out of this kind of «dead end» only when I have decided in a clumsy, imprudent, crazy clumsy, imprudent, crazy, provocative way, to arm my hands. Then everything became easy», failure after failure, step after step, things started to «work». to work. I looked for my companions and I found them, we recognized each other, making the rejection of the We recognized each other, making the rejection of delegation and waiting our compass. compass. Many (perhaps too many) years have gone by since that time (…) and what I feel like saying is simply to follow one’s instincts and not to pay too much attention to the instincts and not to pay too much attention to the prudence of those who, from the top of their own who, from the heights of one’s own ‘lived’ life, push for moderation. Because that popular saying that says ‘you are born an arsonist and die a firefighter’ is not so far-fetched. firemen’ is not so far-fetched».

Alfredo Cóspito

It drizzles relentlessly and around the city of La Paz the mountain range is covered with snow. Here, the rich live several hundred meters below, in a warm and green valley, where they have surveillance and private guards at every corner. We descend from the icy hills to interrupt the violent peace of the bosses with the loud and damaging rumble of a homemade bomb. Something becomes evident and concrete: the managers of toxicity, misery and charity are not untouchable. No peace for us, no peace for them!

At approximately 3 am on Monday, December 12, we placed and detonated an explosive device at the entrance of the Torre Pacifico building, at 977 Sanchez Bustamante Avenue, in the heart of the bourgeois neighborhood of Calacoto, where the Italian embassy is located.

From this side of the world, we express with the attack our solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cóspito, currently on hunger strike for almost 2 months in the prison of Sasari, in Sardinia, determined to continue it until the last consequences. Alfredo is a comrade who has been imprisoned in 2012 and accused since then of crimes ranging from the shooting in the leg of Roberto Adinolfi (nuclear energy entrepreneur and director of Ansaldo Nucleare), through subversive association for terrorist purposes and explosive attacks (Operation Scripta Manent), to «political massacre» for which they want to sentence him to life imprisonment along with Anna Beniamino (for two attacks where there were and should have been no deaths or injuries). He is also accused, together with other comrades, of incitement to crime (Operation Sibyl), for his contribution to the anarchic debate.

We demand the annulment of the 41bis torture and isolation regime. This regime is applied by the Italian State to revolutionary prisoners in order to avoid their contact with the outside world, arguing that contact encourages revolutionary actions. Under 41bis they remain completely isolated, without correspondence or visits, in a basement with artificial air and light. Gagged by cement and disconnected from their loved ones, the prisoners are tortured 24 hours a day to obtain their cooperation with the authority and their repentance. Something else becomes evident: their right is a lie, a wall that exists only to protect their privileges.

The 41bis regime has a political purpose, in a context where the action has become a real threat to the normal continuity of those privileges. But the State continues and will continue to fail to understand the anarchic informality. There are no bosses here, the actions continue and do not require guidelines. On the contrary, these measures only exacerbate our rage and aim at the target. We warn that we will not stop until the comrade is out of 41bis, this is only the beginning.

Such a regime is not an isolated strategy, but part of the repressive escalation of the European states against anarchist milieus. Hypocritical Europe, pretending to be a beacon of good democratic manners and development, is setting repressive precedents that may spread to other latitudes, as is already happening with the long sentences. This will not happen without a response. Let us attack forcefully. Not one step back!

We salute Anna, Toby, Juan and Ivan who accompanied and accompany this hunger strike.

Freedom to all prisoners!
Down with the prison walls!
End to the 41bis regime!
Alfredo Cóspito out of 41bis!

From the bourgeois press: