Alfredo is in fair condition, is very lucid, and expected a rejection by the Rome probation court. He does not despair that he will still be successful in his battle. In any case he lets it be known that he intends to go on until death. Since the prospect of life imprisonment has been avoided for now – at least postponed – with the decision of the Turin appeals court on Dec. 5, Alfredo reiterates that he will only stop his hunger strike if he is declassified from 41 bis.

He is aware of the mobilization through news reports, when actions and initiatives impose this level of coverage on the regime media. The newspapers, on the other hand, come to him with pages cut out, holes that have become increasingly frequent in recent weeks. Right now they seem to be getting through a few letters, telegrams and postcards, unlike in the months before his struggle, when everything written to him ended up being seized. Particularly with regard to telegrams, which seem to be the communications that most frequently pass the meshes of censorship, it is important to remember that these must be individual and must contain the sender’s first name last name and address at the bottom.

We recall the address:

Alfredo Cospito
Sassari «Giovanni Bacchiddu» Prison House.
Provincial Road 56 no. 4
Località Bancali, 07100 Sassar