In our seventh issue (including issue 0) these columns return, in many aspects, to our classic format. Nine months ago, the unpublished publication in the form of a wall newspaper (number 5) was part of our need for communication and the proposal of an instrument to break, materially, the pandemic home isolation; a sheet of paper, a shout on the wall to pierce the silence of the curfew. But the project of «Vetriolo» has always been in a laborious sowing of analysis and provocations, of suggestions and perceptions, of study and understanding of the existing, against the commonplace and the foolish boast of ignorance, for its negation, its destructive overcoming in a revolutionary sense.

And so we have returned to history and philosophy, economics and politics, the analysis of the present and the dissection of the future. Beginning with our first page, which is intended to be, in its brevity, an immediate attack on the politics of National Unity – a horrible concept for internationalists.

The whole is, we would not say summarized, but deepened and broadened by a long insert by Silvio Bellico that goes from the analysis of the historical times to those that as we say run today, in the context of a firm conviction: the anarchists of today and tomorrow must necessarily undertake what has not yet happened.

Convinced that the State, however much it may be in crisis, will not collapse on its own. It is no use waiting, like the poet, for its demise to be announced along with the Civil Protection bulletin at «five o’clock in the afternoon.» «The rest was death and only death, at five o’clock in the afternoon.»


– Our internationalism. Against national unity.
– Fire and phlegm. Heat, humor and disease.
– Science and State
– Patricia de la Ville
– Economics of misery
– So that we do not remain mute. On the appeal judgment of the Scripta Manent trial
– Sante Pollastro and Revolutionary Violence
– Stories (by Alfredo Cospito)

Contents of the insert «What has not yet happened», by Silvio Bellico:

– Introduction.
– Anarchy is… or isn’t….
– I stagger but I do not give up: crisis and collapse of the State.
– Chronicles of the State at the time of … capitalism
– Where there was grass there is now a city … and vice versa
– Class is not water
– Critical revolution and critique of revolution
– There is no abyss between the individual and the revolution.
– If hope is the last to die, authority will die first.
– Conclusions

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