Claudio Lavazza is an anarchist of action who has spent the last 25 years in Spanish and French jails. A militant in the armed tumult of the 1970s, after a time in Italian jails following the activities of PAC (Armed Proletarians for Communism), his life went from being a clandestine on the run to an obstinate and never-interrupted enemy of banks and authorities with always ready solidarity with the subversive movements he encountered along his path. Arrested in Spain in 1996 following a gunfight after an unsuccessful bank robbery, he engaged in the fight against the Spanish special prison, the FIES regime inflicted on him for 8 years. After 24 years’ imprisonment he was extradited to France where a sentence of 10 years for a big heist that took place in a Bank of France branch in 1986 was awaiting him. In spite of the fact that European law establishes that the accumulation of the sentence served in Spain should absorb this other sentence, and that Claudio should have been released on11th December, the prosecutor of Mont de Marsan, who is in charge of his case, continues with excuses and pretexts to play for time regarding Claudio’s release.

Yet another case of revenge of the State to punish a coherent revolutionary who has never repudiated his past and continues to claim the necessity and importance of the struggle against State and Capital.

We are calling a for mobilization from 7th January,2022 when the French judicial offices reopen, so that the authorities responsible unblock Claudio’s release. An anarchist international solidarity poster will be also available shortly, printed in many languages (an email address to order copies will be spread).

Below we report the addresses of the authorities responsible for the prolongation of Claudio’s imprisonment:

Vice procureur de la république Céline Bucau
Secrétariat du procureur de la république
+33 5 24290418
Greffe de exécution de peines
+33 5 24280457
Tribunal judiciaire de Mont-de-Marsan
249, Avenue du Coronel Rozanoff
40011 Mont de Marsan Cedex

We have also updated the address to be used to write to Claudio (at this moment it is important that prison authorities know that Claudio is not facing the judicial fury alone!), given that our comrades has recently been transferred to a “definitive” section of the jail that he has been held in since his arrival in France:

Claudio Lavazza
ecrou 11818, CD 1 cellule 5, 1D
CP de Mont-de-Marsan
Chemin de Pémégnan
BP 90629
40000 Mont de Marsan

Let’s mobilize!
Against all jails!

Cassa AntiRep delle Alpi occidentali

For anyone wanting to know more about Claudio’s human, political and action path, copies of the second edition of his autobiography Pestifera. La mia vita (sold entirely as a benefit for Claudio) are available. For requests:

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