We have always prioritized not having intermediaries when it comes to communicating, that no one speaks for us and in these days that we will be two years since those who support the hegemony of power and force locked us in these concrete pits called prisons, will be no exception.

This second year of imprisonment will bring with it the end of the investigative period of our legal process, that is to say that the period in which the prosecution and the ten plaintiffs could gather information against us, will end. The closing of the investigation opens an intermediate process prior to the trial.

The judicial investigation against us has spared no resources; the police have made great efforts not to leave any loose end. The aim with us is to give an exemplary sentence that will frighten anyone who makes the practice of political violence their own, especially with regard to the placing and sending of explosive devices. Furthermore, we are not unknown to the powerful, on more than one occasion we have been seated in the dock, and in all of them we have made clear our anarchic position. Our current legal situation is closely linked to our previous judicial processes.

We are self-critical with respect to our mistakes at the time of our actions, each one of them are part of our experience and learning, which we hope will also serve for others. We feel part of a long road of struggles against domination, a historical road that changes according to the different conflict scenarios.

Many years ago we decided to walk along the negating paths of anarchy, understanding it as a constant tension that in its constructive/destructive dialectic does not pose itself as an absolute truth nor as a place of arrival.

Our life is not dissociated from our enormous desire to want to live as much as possible in accordance with our ideas, we assume this with all the contradictions it entails, as well as its consequences.

In these letters we are once again interested in exalting and encouraging the attack against every expression of Power. We are emphatic in affirming that we understand acts of revenge and sabotage as an urgent necessity, whose multiplication and propagation undeniably strengthens the spaces and anarchic positions of combat. We believe that the bet must necessarily go for the qualification of the conflict, to leave the spaces of comfort to broaden perspectives and hit where it hurts the most.

In this sense, we salute each explosive action carried out in recent months, which undoubtedly are a contribution and strengthen the anarchic urban guerrilla.

Every attack on power from an anti-authoritarian perspective is valid for us.

The date when we will be judged is approaching, we know that there are possibilities of spending a long time kidnapped in the prisons of the State, we are prepared for it thanks to the fraternal support of an endless number of comrades who with every gesture manage to light up the night.

In these two years of imprisonment we have been part of the instance «Anarchist and subversive prisoners», focusing on the return to the street of our comrade Marcelo Villarroel, who is still under sentence by the military prosecutor’s office, perpetuating his imprisonment. Achieving Marcelo’s return to the streets will certainly be a triumph that will strengthen us and will benefit all the prisoners of the social war. The call is to multiply the actions and gestures of revolutionary solidarity that will allow our comrade to once again take to the streets.

For us the confrontation against domination has not ended, it has only changed form.

Monica Caballero

San Miguel Prison

Francisco Solar

July 2022

La Gonzalina-Rancagua Prison