As part of the Cells of Immediate Action, Cell of Insurgent Violence, we take responsibility for the arson attack at the entrance to the house of Giannis Pretenteris.

We were not surprised by the condemnations of the bourgeois political parties, of ΕΣΗΕΑ (Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers) , of the government representative. Giannis Pretenteris has proved at every possible opportunity that he is the most loyal mastiff of the corrupt economic and political elite that has ruled this place with arrogance and impunity all these years. Pretenteris symbolizes a person – a model for the urban world. His position in the system, the posts and tasks he has been called upon to carry out follow a double path that ends in the same one.

One is that which makes its appearance in front of the cameras of the TV channels. Striking, dominant, strong, subsidized, constructed. The Pretender is a shining example of a tireless propaganda machine called upon to represent state and capitalist interests and to shape a social ethic, the ethics of the system. This ethic that is always presented with the dictatorial face of the social majority, in order – practicing psychological warfare techniques – to strike with the stick of dominant class violence and order with audacity those who harm the interests of the powerful. Dissemination of fake news, constant attempts to manipulate citizens, slander, character assassination are on his daily agenda. At the same time, his ideological profile, which can be described as “modernising” by the standards of the hardline neoliberal centre, is the official television representation of political power and the most ruthless economic interests. For Pretenteris there is an inviolable rule: Moral and legal is what suits and serves the system of power that supports him. Illegal and unauthorised is what threatens his interests.

Pretenteris’s other path is dark. It is that of suspicious dealings with political and economic interests, of willing mediation for all kinds of state and parastate filth, of well-paid agreements under the table for where he will provide the necessary political support. It is the path of a faithful courtier who has set up his tent outside the villas of the grand shipowners, the owners of the television and radio channels, the contractors, the big political families, awaiting their orders with extreme servility. The path of black money, offshore, widespread tax evasion, the mafia functions of the system that are laundered with compensation by authorised journalists such as Pretenteris.

Giannis Pretenteris, as a descendant of Lambrakis and Bombolas, made his first appearances on private television, on ANT1. He was one of the first to give voice and political legitimacy to the Nazis of the Golden Dawn in the 90’s, shouting at Nikos Michaloliakos and giving the floor to Periandros Andritsopoulos and other leaders of the then X.A., ( Golden Down neo-nazis ) to drip their neo-Nazi poison in public. After all, when it serves state planning, bourgeois democracy reproduces the version of political pluralism and tolerance. It is enough, of course, for the opposite voice to have given credentials of submission to the state and capitalists for the deep core of their interests to remain untouched.

Giannis Pretenteris quickly switched to MEGA (greek channel tv), while writing in the printed press then owned by Lambraki (VIMA, and NEA news papers) . He acquires the role of main commentator in the main news bulletin and his own political show. Tireless insistence on ideological defence of all state violence, every economic – political scandal, transforms him and his show into slogans shouted in the streets of the cities of the student movement that fought against the then law – under Diamantopoulou: “The overthrow is not a show to celebrate Pretender’sofa” . Pretenteris had deservedly won the dislike of those involved in socio-political claims, as everyone had been ground in his propaganda millstone.

Along with the daily defence of the memoranda and the policies pursued at that time, he was again one of the first to give a televised voice to the racist “residents’ committees”, with the result that the racist poison found a response in the armies of the victims of the crisis. We are sure that in May 2012 Pretenteris looked at the election results with pride. He had contributed the maximum for 7% of Golden Dawn (neo nazis) , as the shipowner who now has him on his payroll at ΔΟΜ also wished.

Giannis Pretenteris changes his views like his well-ironed shirts depending on the season. He becomes racist and xenophobic by turning a blind eye to fascists, racists, the far right, calling for more drowned migrants at the sea border, and other murders of refugees at the Evros fence. He becomes a “modernist” and a liberal, demanding more wage cuts, more privatisation, more flexibility in work. He becomes an “antifascist” from the right point of view, omitting that the Golden Dawn (neo nazis) was a gold reserve for the political system. In any case, Pretenteris has always been a sly journalist who provides his services free of charge to the gangs of political and economic looters who continue their looting undisturbed at the expense of the oppressed.

Pretenteris’s basic propaganda strategy is the cultivation of social automation. “Civil servants are lazy” only when they complain about pay cuts. “Students are loungers” only when they are squatting. “Students are led” only when they demonstrate. “M.M.M . workers only harass passengers” when they go on strike. As long as the respective social groups tolerate this whip on their backs, they are the pillars of the national effort for “blessed” economic development, they are the candidate base for the reconstruction and staffing of the “serious” national body, which is nothing more than the social expression of modern dosing.

Because, for Pretenteris, the blood shed on the streets by the truncheons and weapons of the police does not matter, the thousands of suicides of our fellow human beings do not matter, the destruction of the public health system that closes the door to a dignified life for thousands of people at the bottom of the social pyramid does not matter, the auctions of houses and businesses by the crows of banking capital do not matter, the privatizations for a plate of lentils of all public enterprises do not matter, it does not matter that the Aegean has been turned into a graveyard of souls. The historians of the future will compare the concentration camps of immigrants in Greece with the Nazi atrocities of World War II. And they do not matter, because Pretenteris expresses the innocence of the local version of domination. It seeks to strengthen the ideological mechanisms of social indifference in order to intensify social cannibalism, privatization, the individual solutions promoted by capitalism.
On the other hand, of course, Giannis Pretenteris is not at all indifferent when his “friends” and masters are targeted – even in the intra-systemic context, immediately rushing with his muddy pen to defend them. It is important to oil the pre-trader and oil smuggler Marinakis, as well as Mareva Mitsotaki with the offshore companies abroad, “Because the method of extortion was remarkably unchanged. “Papantoniou” to give “Simitis. From a lifetime of ” Noor-1 “to” give “Marinakis. From Papastavrou” to give “Mareva!” (Giannis Pretenteris).

It is important that one of the biggest scandals of the coup, the Novartis scandal, appears as a conspiracy against the Samaras government. A scandal that touches the way capitalist giants (especially the big pharmaceutical companies) regulate the “terms of the game” to their own advantage and to the detriment of those below, even with political bribes. Even for the only politician whose civil justice has somewhat advanced the proceedings and has prosecuted Loverdos, Pretenteris went out to give credentials to a loyal household:

“At the end of 2016, A. Loverdos was returning from an excursion with his children. He stops somewhere on the National Road because the children were hungry and hears on the radio talk about a Novartis case in the USA that allegedly involves (also)” Greek officials “. The US would later clarify that the term “official” did not mean politicians, of course, but executives of the wider public health sector, but on the National Road, however, Loverdos did not know anything about officials or politicians, but did not even know Novartis! a nightmare for him and his family that would continue for the next four years until recently. ” (Giannis Pretenteris)

It is important to bring oil to the government and specifically to the Minister of Culture Mendoni, but also to Mitsotakis himself in the stinking case of covering up the pedophile Lignadis :

“Is the government responsible? Obviously it has the responsibility of the choice – in the sense of the responsibility that a government has for all its choices. Either it chooses an artistic director at the National, or a commander in Evangelismos, or a president at Attiko Metro SA The first lawsuit against Lignadis was filed on February 5, Lignadis resigned on February 6, another one or two lawsuits were filed until February 19, and he was arrested on February 20. Any reasonable person can draw their own conclusions from the facts. These are stories about savages.” (Yiannis Pretenteris)
These are just a few references to the systematic laundering through his articles and one of the reasons he is at the top of the paid journalism of the system, but also a highly symbolic target for the fighting formations that, in spite of the times, try to keep the flame of social war burning. The arson attack outside his house in the area of ​​Psychiko is dedicated to those whom Giannis Pretenteris has insulted, slandered, humiliated and expelled all these years. It is also dedicated to all the political prisoners that this bastard has slandered more than once. Finally, it is a call to all fighting forces. Our enemy is not invisible. It has a name and an address.

Friendly greetings to all the groups, individuals, nuclei who choose to contribute to the formation of the network of revolutionary violence that we have described through our texts. We have said it and we are doing it, we are organizing Immediate Nuclei of Action to strike state and capital. From Athens, to Volos, and Thessaloniki, the smoke from the fires foretells the unrest we will cause. We will respond to blackmail and state terrorism with the language of fire.

Solidarity with the political prisoners in the Greek prisons.
A signal of solidarity to all the unrepentant rebels in the prisons of Chile and Italy.
Rebel memory of Luisa Toledo Sepúlveda.

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